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For substantial help with public and private drama school entrance examinations, get in touch with us for individual or group classes on special audition programmes every 1-15 May.

Free Drama Centre began its activity in 1983 by collaborating with Athens University's School of Philosophy Drama Group in the production of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, which was unanimously awarded 1st prize at the Municipality of Athens Amature Dramatics Competition held at the ''Park of Liberty'' in 1984, and then publicly performed at Iris and Academos theatres. This project was immediately followed by Chechov's Three Sisters shown at the Orwo theatre in 1984-85, also in collaboration with the School of Philosophy Drama Group.

In 1985, Free Drama Centre set up its own drama group, which focussed on the development of acting skills and the study of theatrical texts.
In 1987, in a production entitled 'One-Acts', the group presented J.Cocteau's La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice) and The Fair, B.Brecht's Die Jόdische Frau (The Jewess), A.Checkov's On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, and M. Yourcenar's Clytemnestra (dramatized narration) at the theatre of the Hellenic American Union in Athens. In 1988, Free Drama Centre worked on the translation and interpretation of H.Pinter's The Dumb Waiter (no public performance of the project). In 1989 it presented two Checkov comedies (The Bear and The Anniversary) at the theater N.N.TH.

From 1990 up to the present day, Free Drama Centre has concentrated on the systematic research and production of plays by Greek 19th century playwrites. The in-depth study of these plays as well as the unique experience of the rehearsals has revealed to us a wealth of superbly witty and brilliantly crafted set of drama texts created during this period.

In 1992: Free Drama Centre presented a lecture entitled Greek Poetry and Drama 1821-1900 at the theater of the Municipality of Athens. This was followed by the production, at the same venue, of several plays of the period:
1992: Manservant Wanted by B.Anninos.
1993: The Death of Pericles by D.Koromilas.
1994: The Crocer's Daughter by A.Vlachos.
1995: Pappi's Dinner by I.Kapetanakis.
1996: Fiakas by D.Misidzis.
1998: Work on V.Rotas' The Piano and The Literatti by our drama group (no public performance of the project).

Since 1998, our drama workshop has continuously offered acting training programmes.

For 2002-2004, Free Drama Centre is preparing and presents in 'Thetar under the bridge' in    Ilion,in  Arkadia, etc,  the production of M.Kounelakis "Smaragdas' elopement"

For 2008 presented the   play"Inspector calls" BY John Priestley